Current Events



08:45 -16:30

National NZEB Conference

This conference will provide a full overview of what is needed by 2020 and the requirements for Building Professionals, Government, Local Authorities and those managing buildings, it is a must attend event for all involved.

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08:45 -16:00

Claims Management Conference 2020

This conference will delve into the big issues coming down the track and what needs to be done to put some stability into the sector.

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08:45 -16:30

Construction Contracts & Claims Management Conference 2020

This conference will examine the most commonly used contracts, challenges associated with each and successful project outcomes to use for future contracts.

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08:45 -15:30

Irish Planning Conference

Planning in Ireland has always been a contentious issue, with Ireland set to see a major increase in population growth over the next 10 to 20 years it will bring important opportunities as well as significant challenges.

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