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08:45 -16:00

Irish Construction Law Conference 2019

This year’s conference aims to give construction professionals a better understanding of how to overcome key challenges that have arisen over the last 12 months, as well as ensuring you are as prepared as possible going into 2020.

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09:30 -16:00

National Solicitors Practice Conference 2019

This event will be of interest to all management levels running solicitors / legal practices in Ireland or those supplying services and solutions to these practices.

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08:45 -16:30

Public Works Contracts Conference 2020

This is a must attend event for any professional involved in public projects and the legalities involved.

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08:45 -16:00

National Blockchain Conference 2020

If you are exploring implementing blockchain in the near future, or if you will be affected by it, you will receive huge value from this event.  

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08:45 -16:00

National Cyber Security Conference 2020

This conference will give an overview of the new trends in the Internet of Things and its security challenges, the ethical struggle with the use of AI and Machine learning and what are the biggest Insider Threats to an organisation along with much more.

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