Roadmap to Digital Transition for Ireland’s Construction Industry

Across the globe best practice use of digital tools combined with collaborative processes are already transforming the way we design, construct, commission and interact with the built environment.

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Public Procurement Conference 2018

This is one of our most popular annual events and this year’s conference will offer important insights into the rules of public procurement that a contracting authority must adhere to when awarding public contracts.

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BCAR & The Technical Guidance Documents Conference September 2018

This conference will provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of the Technical Guidance Documents, and give a practical review of TGD’s in relation to each part of the Building Regulations.

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ISO Standards – Certification Workshop

ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/ISO 45001 – Understanding the Key Changes Organisations Need To Implement To Obtain Certification to the New Standards

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Expert Witness – Best Practice In Report Writing & Court Room Skills

This one day practical workshop is designed to give all professionals who are required to write reports or appear in court with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare yourself and update your skills to best practice standards, find out common cross examination tools lawyers use to discredit witnesses and how best to present evidence under cross-examination.

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Personal Injury Claims & Compensation Conference 2018

This is a must attend event for all professionals involved in the claims process, from barristers to solicitors, insurers, employers, public and private sector bodies.

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Fitness To Practise Conference 2018

This year’s programme will focus more in depth on recent cases and how their decisions and judgements have impacted on the Fitness to Practise arena going forward.

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Social Housing Summit 2018

This conference aims to explore the Action plan for housing and how it plans to resolve our current housing crisis; what plans are in place to produce the thousands of units needed.

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Reducing Medication Errors In Healthcare Services

This conference will focus on the need to reduced medication errors in our healthcare services and improve patient safety with a strong focus on a zero tolerance approach.

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National Charities Compliance & Governance Conference 2018

This conference will give delegates a detailed breakdown of all the key areas your organisation needs to have in order in relation to GDPR.

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