Expert Witness – Best Practice In Report Writing & Court Room Skills

This one day practical workshop is designed to give all professionals who are required to write reports or appear in court with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare yourself and update your skills to best practice standards, find out common cross examination tools lawyers use to discredit witnesses and how best to present evidence under cross-examination.

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ISO Standards – Certification Workshop

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 standards are undergoing radical change, bringing questions and concerns over the new structure, revised documentation requirements and a variety of other changes needed to meet standard conformance. This new approach represents a dramatic turn in direction.

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Clinical Directors Conference 2017

Whether you are a clinical director or aspiring to be one, this event will provide you with a unique chance to hear from others who have been in the role and learn how to develop your skills as an effective clinical director.

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Claims Management Conference 2017

The aim of this conference is to give delegates a firm overview of what to expect in terms of claims management over the next 12/24 months and how to prepare accordingly.

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Irish Planning Conference 2017

This conference will dig deep into the current planning issues to shed light on some possible solutions.

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Commercial, Retail & Hospitality Fit Out Conference

The Fit Out sector is constantly changing and those who operate in it need to be on top of the changes, what trends are being set abroad and the changing needs of the client.

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Healthcare Complaints Management Conference 2017

Therefore this is a must attend event for any personnel directly or indirectly involved with handling complaints in both public and private organisations.

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Fire Safety In Healthcare Services Conference 2017

This conference will address key concerns, provide new insights and bring you up to date with modern thinking and thought leaders in the world of fire safety in engineering, design, build and planning, as well as provide the latest in fire research, regulation and trending developments, harnessed to provide a safer built environment in the Irish Market and avoid disastrous cases similar to those recently in the media.

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National Cybersecurity Conference

Data and cyber security are becoming increasingly vital in our day to day operations. The need to be aware, prepared and equipped for an attack is now part of our operational process.

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Falls Prevention Conference 2017

This conference will update delegates on Quality Standards for Falls and implementation in practice at a local level.

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