Claims Management Conference 2017

The aim of this conference is to give delegates a firm overview of what to expect in terms of claims management over the next 12/24 months and how to prepare accordingly.

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Irish Planning Conference 2017

This conference will dig deep into the current planning issues to shed light on some possible solutions.

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Commercial, Retail & Hospitality Fit Out Conference

The Fit Out sector is constantly changing and those who operate in it need to be on top of the changes, what trends are being set abroad and the changing needs of the client.

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Healthcare Complaints Management Conference 2017

Therefore this is a must attend event for any personnel directly or indirectly involved with handling complaints in both public and private organisations.

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Fire Safety In Healthcare Services Conference 2017

This conference will address key concerns, provide new insights and bring you up to date with modern thinking and thought leaders in the world of fire safety in engineering, design, build and planning, as well as provide the latest in fire research, regulation and trending developments, harnessed to provide a safer built environment in the Irish Market and avoid disastrous cases similar to those recently in the media.

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National Cybersecurity Conference

Data and cyber security are becoming increasingly vital in our day to day operations. The need to be aware, prepared and equipped for an attack is now part of our operational process.

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Falls Prevention Conference 2017

This conference will update delegates on Quality Standards for Falls and implementation in practice at a local level.

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Government Construction Projects & Capital Spend

This conference uniquely examines the challenges you may face on future government construction projects and how to handle them most effectively. 

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The National Dementia Care Conference

The theme of this year’s event will focus on the future vision for Dementia Care in Ireland and will enable delegates to critically review their approaches to the care of patients with dementia and delirium.

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Public Procurement Litigation Conference

Over the past twelve months litigation in the procurement field has become a growing issue and the way tenders are handled and chosen is causing a big stir in the Irish Public Procurement space. Non-compliance with the New Public Procurement Directive seems to be becoming a major concern and partly the reason for the increase in litigation cases in Public Procurement.

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