Emergency Response Management Conference 2019

This conference is a must attend for all emergency response managers or those responsible in cases of emergencies big or small.

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Fire Safety in Healthcare Services Conference 2019

We at CMG Events are proud to announce details of our annual one-day Fire Safety In Healthcare Services Conference 2019.

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Public Sector Tendering & Procurement Conference 2019

If you are involved in the public procurement process, you should gain great value from this event, as you will hear from some of the country’s leading experts in this area, while earning valuable CPD hours.

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BCAR & The Technical Guidance Documents Conference 2019

This conference will provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of the Technical Guidance Documents, and give a practical review of TGD’s in relation to each part of the Building Regulations.

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Medical Negligence Litigation Conference 2019

This conference will highlight the relevant case studies that can impact current and future legal outcomes, examine new changes to legislation, explore the minefield of legalities within Irish healthcare and with our expert speakers and panel, delegates get to ask relevant questions and discuss potential future outcomes.

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Construction Contracts Conference 2019

Construction contracts can be hugely complex with a range of different challenges associated with each form of contract. This conference will examine the most commonly used contracts, challenges associated with each and successful project outcomes to use for future contracts.

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The Assigned Certifier Conference 2019

The role of the Assigned Certified is now well-established, but certain challenges still remain, as well as new challenges being created by this relatively new role, which continues to evolve since 2014.

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National Data Protection Conference 2019

This conference also highlight and explore issues such as common misconceptions within the GDPR framework, how GDPR applies in practice to social media, as well as giving real insights on the steps required to create a Retention Policy – and much more.

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National Flood Management Conference 2019

This is a must attend event for any executive involved in water services, flood management, regulation or the legalities surrounding the sector.

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Urban Development Conference 2019

This conference will debate and discuss ideas from researchers, policy makers and development practitioners on these topical issues to establish the challenges we need to prepare for and help plan accordingly.

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