A forum to discuss key issues arising on the ground, possible solutions & responsibilities of each party

A one-day conference

Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

Date: 17th October 2019

CMG have run a number of conferences on the topic of BCAR, TGDs and the Assigned Certifier etc. Time and time again delegates ask for a follow on event covering more than just what the regs are and a forum to discuss the issues with each part of the regulations and solutions going forward

This important one day conference will do just that and look in-depth into each part of the regulations and possible solutions for common problems on site.

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5 Structured CPD Points




Registration with tea, coffee and pastries


Chairpersons Opening Remarks

Dr Elizabeth Fahey McCarthy, RN, RM, RNT, MAEd. Professional Education Consultant.

Advance planning – Advance Healthcare Directives – Enduring Powers of Attorney – DNR


Capacity – Principles of the ADM act: Applying the functional approach to capacity and the guiding principles in practice

Speaker: Eleanor Edmond, Consultant providing policy advice in the areas of advocacy, human rights and capacity

  • Functional Definition of capacity (s.3)- outline and explanation with practice based examples
  • Guiding Principles (Part 2/ S8): outline and explanation.
  • Limits on intervention (s8(3), s8(5), s 8(6), s8(9,) s8(10)- support comes first. Examples of good practice.
  • Whose opinion matters? (s8(7) and s8(8))
  • Dealing with unwise decisions in practice.
  • “Will and preferences” v. “best interests”- examples from practice with reference to recent Irish and U.K caselaw.


Consent and Capacity in Sexual Relationships:

Speaker: Catherine Ghent, Solicitor, Gallagher Shatter Solicitors

  • Identification and balancing of rights and responsibilities
  • Irish legal context
  • International legal context
  • How do we achieve best practice and protection


Assisted Decision Making, Advance Healthcare Directives and Consent- Issues and implications for Health and Social Care Professionals
Speaker: Caoimhe Gleeson, National Specialist in Accessibility/ National Programme Lead- Assisted Decision Making, HSE National Assisted Decision Making and Consent Office

  • A recalibration of rights- placing the patient and service user at the heart of health and social care decisions
  • The challenge of will and preference in resource limited public health and social care services
  • Valid and informed consent- every time, everywhere and in every context- examples from the front line
  • Enabling the cultural shift- from substituted to supported decision making
  • Advance Healthcare Directives- the role of Health and Social Care Professionals


Q&A Session


Coffee break and chance to network


Recent High Court and Supreme Court Case law dealing with Capacity Issues in Practice

Speaker: Aine Hynes, St John Solicitors


Ethics, decision-making and vulnerability

Speaker: Louise Campbell, Lecturer in medical ethics at NUIG

  • Ethical and professional responsibilities towards vulnerable persons
  • What is ethically-competent decision-making?
  • How ethics competencies apply in decision-making involving vulnerable persons
  • Reasoning, justification and accountability.


Informed Consent – The law in relation to informed consent and implications for proceedings / Montgomery case

Speaker: Orla Kelly, Partner, Cantillons Solicitors

  • Fundamentals of Informed Consent in healthcare
  • Application in healthcare and implications for practice
  • Current international case law including the Montgomery decision in the UK
  • Current Irish legal position
  • Proceedings based on lack of informed consent


Q+A Session


Lunch and chance to network


Planning in Advance – Place of Care decisions – Protection of Liberty Safeguards:

Speaker: Patricia Rickard-Clarke, Solicitor & Chair of the Safeguarding Ireland

  • Domestic and International Human Rights Obligations
  • Right of person to make decisions for type and place for long term care
  • Legislative Gap
  • Case Law
  • What the proposed legislative framework on Protection of Liberty Safeguards should contain.


Medication & Decision Making: People with disabilities

Speaker: Joanne Condon, Regional Manager, National Advocacy Service for people with Disabilities

  • What are the challenges and barriers facing people with disabilities when it comes to medication & decision making?
  • Key documents/policies/guides: What they tell us about people with disabilities in relation to Rights, consent and capacity.
  • Challenges to upholding will & preference: Real life scenarios
  • Practical tips on how to best support people with disabilities in the area of medication & decision making.


Workshop – Thinking and Planning Ahead

Speaker: Rebecca Lloyd, Irish Hospice Foundation

  • Rationale for Thinking, planning and talking about dying, death and bereavement using suitable tools like TA/IHF people’s charter
  • The Wisdom of Wills
  • Sickness and Safeguarding – Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney knowing the difference counts
  • AHD today –
  • Think Ahead – More than a AHD


Q&A Session & Conference Close

Conference Programme

Chairperson & Opening Remarks

Rory Murphy, Associate Director, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

BCAR – Builder’s role and assessment of common issues after first five years.

Speaker: Mel O’Reilly, Former Building Contractor

  • What does BCAR require a Builder to do?
  • Selection and management of materials.
  • Design responsibility.
  • Can traditional construction methods deliver?
  • Building Regulations Parts A, B, C,  D, E, F, and L compliance in traditional cavity wall construction.
  • Inspections frequency and timing.
  • Design considerations.
  • Alternative systems.
  • Labour and management skills.
  • CIRI – the missing element in Building Control

BCMS- One system for all –BCAR & collection of certificates and Anxillary certs

Speaker: Mairéad Phelan, Project Manager, National Building Control Office

  • BCMS – Confusion over processes used on different projects – why isn’t there one system for all projects follow?
  • Responsibility on inspections & issuing reports

The difference between the TGD & the regulations themselves

  • Where you can, cant and shouldn’t deviate from the TGD Guidance
  • The responsibility to be able to PROVE compliance where you deviate from the GUIDANCE.

Part L – Demonstrating compliance with Part L through the DEAP methodology

Speaker: Orla Coyle – Programme Manager for NZEB and High Performance Retrofit, SEAI

  • Compliance with NZEB
  • Changes to DEAP methodology
  • Renewable Energy Ratio

Part A & D – Inspection regime Structural Engineering

Speaker: Jim Mansfield Consulting Engineer

  • Background issues and appointments
  • BCAR roles – Client, Assigned Certifier, Ancillary Certifier, Design Certifier, Contractor
  • Ancillary Certification – Types of Engineering Ancillary Certificates, Ed, Ec and Ei – Contractor and Sub contractor certificates – Architectural and other consultant certificates
  • Inspection plans – Code of Practice
  • Issues – Fees and time – Responsibilities Engineer, Contractor, Designer, Architect Sub-contractors
  • Underfloor fill – panel fixings, pyrite
  • Blocks with no certification

Part C – Issues Arising – Contaminated land – Radon, CO2, CH4 and VOCs

Speaker: Michael Sweeney, GQA Environmental

  • Types and sources of ground gas
  • Irish and UK regulations and guidance summary
  • Protection measures
    – Slab types, passive ventilation and gas membranes
    – Pro’s and con’s and considerations of these measures
  • Installation quality
  • Detailed design
  • Independent verification strategy

-Integrity testing options

Building Regulations Part E Sound “Issues and Solutions”

Speaker: Chris Dilworth, AWN (Director, Acoustics)

  • Key Design Considerations
  • Things to Watch Out For: Design Stage
  • Issues Arising On Site
  • Things to Watch Out For: Site Inspections
  • When to Conduct Pre-Completion Testing
  • Dealing with Non-Compliances
  • Sound transmission
  • Flooring detail
  • Insulation

Issues Parts K & M Discussed

Speaker: Eoin O’Herlihy, Managing Director, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy

  • External environment and landscaping
  • Entrances to buildings
  • Getting around – Corridor design, Lifts and Ambulant Stairs
  • WC Facilities – Ambulant, enlarged, Unisex accessible and shower rooms.
  • Other facilities – Tea stations, bar counters, hotel bedrooms, switches and controls.
  • Aids to communication – Signage, lighting, visual contrast and hearing enhancement.
  • Balcony, Stair rails-wrong height, glass
  • Access issues
  • Steps to entrances

New issues arising as a consequence of ‘other’ parts if the regulations changing

Example – increased insulation & air tightness having a knock on effect that Ventilation under Part F becomes more critical.   Where ventilation “to the old standard” is only provided it then with the “new standard” insulation you end up with 

  • Condensation & mould growth
  • Overheating in summer
  • Also increased levels in insulation generally leads to greater problems than back “in the old days” where thermal bridging is not also improved

Issues – Part B

Speaker: Éanna Ó Tuama, Associate Fire Engineer, Affinity Fire Engineering

Jason Seward, Director, Affinity Fire Engineering

Issues arising in design:

  • The fire engineer’s scope of services. 
  • Recent changes to fire safety guidance; implications for high-rise residential.
  • Demonstrating compliance with Building Regulation requirement B5 (Access and Facilities for the Fire Service).
  • Construction detailing; who takes responsibility?

Issues arising on site:

  • Fire stopping and concealed cavities.
  • Fire door sets.
  • Building materials; including possible brexit implications.
  • Competence of designers and contractors.
  • Site inspections and BC(A)R certification for a material alteration or change of use in an existing building.

Compliance issues surrounding fire safety upgrades resulting from fire risk assessments.

Issues – Part F

Speaker: Terry Kavanagh, Contracts Manager, Sustainability, Building Envelope Technologies

  • TGD Part F 2019 – new compliance requirements
  • Ventilation verification testing for new dwellings
  • Relationship between TGD Part F and other technical guidance documents
  • Condensation & Mould growth
  • Identifying ventilation problems and remediation solutions

Issues – Part G

  • Frozen pipes, attic tank, stopcocks

Issues – Part H

  • Septic tanks overload, flooding

Issues – Part J

  • Flues, locations, size, burners

This event will be of real interest to all build and design professionals, assigned and design certifiers, public sector bodies and those who look after the technicalities and law surrounding projects. The types of organisations in attendance will be contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, local authorities, semi-state agencies, government departments, manufacturers, suppliers, universities and legal consultants

Jim Mansfield

Jim Mansfield

Consulting Engineer, Kavanagh Mansfield & Partners, Chairman Eurocodes Consultative Committee

Jim Mansfield is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of Engineers Ireland and a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

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He is Managing Director of Kavanagh Mansfield & Partners who are designers of Commercial, Public, Institutional and Residential structures throughout Ireland.

Jim Mansfield is the Chair of an NSAI Committee “Eurocodes Consultative Committee” which deals with the impact of the Eurocode suite of design standards in Ireland. This committee also looks at the impact on the Irish Construction Industry of a number of related standards which includes EN 1090.

Jim Mansfield has lectured on a number of topics related to the Eurocodes to various organisations in recent years.

Jim Mansfield is currently Chair person of the Irish Concrete Society, which is a not for profit Society supporting technical excellence in the design and construction of concrete with members from all sections including design, production and construction.

Michael Sweeney

Michael Sweeney

BEng(Tech) PGradDip MIEI, GQA Environmental

Michael is an environmental engineer and director of GQA Environmental.

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He has worked in contaminated land characterisation, design and verification for over 10 years.  He has been involved in the development of best practice CIRIA guidance documents in the UK and has carried out consultation to the EPA and advisory work to the DOE in Ireland.  He lectures on the post graduate diploma for environmental engineering at Trinity College and has designed training courses on contaminated land for CIEH Contaminated Land Officers and Building Control departments in the North of Ireland. 

Chris Dilworth

Chris Dilworth

Director (Acoustics) at AWN Consulting

Chris Dilworth (Director) has responsibility for the Acoustics team in AWN Consulting.

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He is a European Engineer and Chartered Engineer with a BEng in Electroacoustics from the Department of Applied Acoustics at the University of Salford. He is a corporate member of Engineers Ireland and the Institute of Acoustics with over thirty years’ experience in the field of acoustics; he has been a consultant since 1989. Chris was a member of the Working Group that assisted with the redrafting of the 2014 Building Regulations update relating to Sound, as well as the associated Technical Guidance Document. He is the lead author of technical documents published by, inter alia, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly the NRA) and the Environmental Protection Agency. He is a founder member of the Sound Insulation Testing Register Ireland (SITRI) and has lectured at TCD, UCD, NUI Galway and NUI Maynooth.

Eoin O’Herlihy

Eoin O’Herlihy

B Tech (Ed.), M.Eng, CEng MIEI, MIES, Managing Director, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy

Eoin O’Herlihy is an independent accessibility and Universal Design consultant and Managing Director of O’Herlihy Access Consultancy (OHAC www.accessconsultancy.ie).

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OHAC is one of the leading specialists in access consultancy and training in Ireland. Established in 2007, the goal of OHAC is to make services and buildings accessible for everyone.  They work in partnership with national and international clients to ensure that their built environment, services, human resources and information provision are accessible to all staff and customers regardless of age, size or disability.

With over fourteen years experience working as an accessibility consultant and trainer, Eoin has advised clients including the National Disability Authority, The European Commission; Dublin Castle, Cantrell and Crowley Architects; the Health Service Executive; University College Cork; The Department of Education and Skills; John Sisk and Sons; European Network for Accessible Tourism; National Standards Authority of Ireland; Microsoft; The Irish Wheelchair Association; Age Friendly Ireland;  Kennedy Wilson; Dublin City Council; Henry J Lyons Architects; Dublin Institute of Technology and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

Mel O’Reilly

Mel O’Reilly

Former Building Contractor

Mel O’Reilly is a former CEO of a large building contractor who was involved in the delivery of public and private projects across all sectors of the industry – public and private residential developments, commercial and industrial facilities, healthcare, leisure, and refurbishment works.

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Following studies in Bolton Street and TCD, he entered the family contracting business for a period and joined MDY in 1992. He now has over 40 years’ experience at various management levels in the contracting industry. In latter years he has been heavily involved in MBCA and CIF committees and as chairman of the CIF Builders’ Register & Building Regulations Committee he has been involved in the establishment of CIRI and in the consultative process with the DECLG (HPLG) in the development and review of BCAR. He is currently a board member of CIRI as one of the industry representatives.

Mairéad Phelan

Mairéad Phelan

Project Manager, National Building Control Office

Mairéad Phelan, Head of National Building Control Office is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of Engineers Ireland.

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Prior to this she was a Programme Manager in the Local Government Management Agency, where she project managed the implementation of the National Building Control Management Project and BCMS. She was Senior Engineer in Fingal County Council’s Planning & Strategic Infrastructure, Road Safety and Transportation Departments. The bulk of her experience is in project management of large building construction and civil engineering projects for both the public and private sector. She holds an MBA, a Diploma in Highway & Geotechnical Engineering, a Diploma in Project Management, a Diploma in Law and a PGC in Governance.

Rory Murphy

Rory Murphy

Associate Director, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

Rory Murphy is an Associate Director at Reddy Architecture + Urbanism.

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He was educated in Blackrock College and the School of Architecture in Dublin Institute of Technology graduating in 1988. In his early career he worked with Denys Lasdun in London and Jean Nouvel in Paris before returning to Ireland. Over a 30 year career Rory he has worked at the highest level in the construction industry in Ireland, the Middle East and the Caribbean on a wide range of prestigious retail, commercial, residential and hospitality award winning projects as well as completing numerous private commissions. While an Associate Director at Henry J Lyons Architects he developed a practice methodology for Assigned Certification and compliance with the requirements of the recent BC(A)R legislation and has lectured on process. Rory is a fellow of the Royal institute of Architects of Ireland and a grade III Conservation Architect. He has been a studio lecturer in Architecture, an assessor of the Travelling Scholarship and is a previous Treasurer of the AAI.

Terry Kavanagh

Terry Kavanagh

Contracts Manager, Sustainability, Building Envelope Technologies

Since Building Envelope Technologies was formed in 2001, they have built a strong reputation among leading Architects, Contractors, Engineers and end users for providing a service of the highest technical integrity and have huge experience in the area of building airtightness, building regulations compliance & building defect analysis.

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Terry as the Building Envelope Technologies Sustainability Manager has responsibility for the successful running of all of the Sustainability department’s activities which include Building Energy Ratings, demonstrating TGD Part L & TDG Part F Ventilation Compliance for BET’s clients.

Terry received an honours degree in Building Services Engineering from DIT Bolton Street and since then has worked at every level of the construction industry from sustainable energy retrofits to large scale construction projects with multinational clients before joining BET in 2017 to head up this newly created department.

Terry was responsible for writing BET’s domestic ventilation test procedures and getting them accredited by INAB in accordance with our ISO 17025 accredited quality management system, making BET the first company in Ireland which can offer independent and accredited 3rd party ventilation airflow checks in accordance with the new TGD Part F 2019.

There will be 5 CPD points awarded to attendees at this conference. Please check directly with your association or awarding body to see how many points they will award.

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