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At CMG Events, we really do go that extra mile to ensure our clients leave our business and professional education conferences better informed, better educated on their chosen topic and have new insights and a better practical understanding of their subject or sector. That’s not easy to achieve as our clients are extremely well versed and highly educated in their chosen fields and do not want to listen to ‘old news’ or be told what they already know. That’s the challenge for CMG Events, to ensure our clients leave satisfied with the conference content and the experience of the day.

Thankfully, CMG Conferences have enjoyed very high client satisfaction ratings, with attendee’s ratings currently standing at 98.2% (*based on client feedback forms completed directly from sample 1000 attendees in 2015) and that is as a direct result of close collaboration between CMG and our conference speakers. A typical CMG Events conference speaker has extensive experience in their fields, is often ahead of the curve in developments and likely trends and developments, and they possess the ability to deliver their presentation in a way that benefits the attendees, how the issues raised relate to the issues and obstacles faced by our attending delegates and as a result, deliver a practical speech in a manner that delegates can translate into their day-to-day environment.

Apart from the thrill of getting on stage, networking with delegates and building new business and professional relationships, our speakers are viewed by delegates as people at the top of their game, and the commercial and professional value of such esteem by an industry or professional gathering does play into positive career development and adds new skills to those on the way up.

Would you like to join our speaker panel, raise your profile and work with the leading business and professional conference organisers in Ireland? You will be joining an illustrious group of people who enjoy positive and high profiles in business and the professions, often raising awareness of the company or organisation you represent and elevating them to new and perceived higher levels within your sector.

We are particularly interested to hear from people who have expertise on topics within the Construction / Architectural & Design communities, and in particular the regulatory & compliance aspects – the environmental and energy sectors, Healthcare, mental health and dementia, regulatory and compliance in healthcare, general business, leadership and management to name a few of the topics. Stay on top of our schedule by checking out our website – www.cmgevents.ie

Please contact;

Sarah Flynn on 01-2934764 or sarah@cmgevents.ie

Debbie Hogan on 01-2933650 debbie@commercialmediagroup.ie