BREXIT & Customs Conference

This event would be of great interest and benefit to those who want to know the implication of Brexit on their organisation and how to operate and comply with customs going forward. This is a multi-industry event and would be of interest to those in logistics, manufacturing, business operations and much more.

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Irish Construction Law Conference 2020

This conference will delve into the big issues coming down the track and what needs to be done to put some stability into the sector.

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National Housing Conference 2020

This conference will provide a forum for a panel of experts to debate the facts and figures and what is actually achievable over the next decade, plus how has the recent lockdown affected delivery of housing.

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Retrofitting Ireland’s Housing Stock for Fire Safety 2020

This one day conference will offer the most up to date information on the current state of Irelands housing stock in regards to fire safety, what changes are needed, and will suggest methods and forward thinking solutions

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National Eurocodes Conference 2020

This one day conference will have a full line up of expert speakers on these topics covering all practical elements, using case studies and real-life examples to help you fully understand all important areas as well as changes to expect over the next few years.

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National Cyber Security Conference 2020

This conference will give an overview of the new trends in the Internet of Things and its security challenges, the ethical struggle with the use of AI and Machine learning and what are the biggest Insider Threats to an organisation along with much more. 

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National HR & Management Conference 2020

In today’s world good HR management is both crucial for success and vital for employment law compliance.

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National Dementia Care Conference 2020

This event will provide delegates with ideas to use in practice and focus on evidence-based solutions to better care for dementia patients in your services. We have a line-up of new speakers, case studies and topics which will ensure a fresh and very informative day.

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Fire Safety in Healthcare Services Conference 2020

This conference will be of great interest to all healthcare service providers, healthcare estates managers, health & safety managers, regulators, design and build professionals, Fire Engineers, Researchers, Fire Consultants, Product Manufacturers, Distributors, Local authorities, Fire Station Chiefs and senior management and Planning Executives.

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Construction Contracts & Claims Management Conference 2020

This conference will examine the most commonly used contracts, challenges associated with each and successful project outcomes to use for future contracts.

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